Cancer Insurance: Supplemental Coverage for Medicare or Medicaid

Picking the Right Insurance for Cancer Patients

Cancer is a very scary disease. It can strike without warning, and the treatments are not always 100% effective. For many people, Medicare or Medicaid may be the only form of insurance they have available to them for their health care needs. However, these two plans often do not cover as much as supplemental cancer insurance might provide in terms of medical expenses that are incurred when fighting this type of illness. If you are concerned about your ability to pay out-of-pocket for any medical costs related to your cancer treatment plan, then you should talk with an agent about getting supplemental coverage!

Some god and cheap Insurance options for cancer patients are Medicare supplemental insurance, Medigold cancer plan from Amerigroup and Consumer Health Savings Account.

Supplemental Insurance

If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, then you are eligible for certain prescription drug coverage. However, this typically does not include the cost of hospitalization and other common medical treatments associated with treating cancer patients. Other plans that offer additional healthcare benefits outside those typically included in Medicare or Medicaid may be what is needed to cover any expenses related to your treatment plan! Speak with an agent today about how we can help find the best option for you!

If you are on a Medigold cancer plan plan, Amerigroup will pay for your hospitalization and deductibles. This plan does not cover cancer treatment costs; it is just for medical expenses related to treating the disease.

Consumer Health Savings Accounts are a type of savings account that you can use to supplement Medicare or Medicaid coverage in order to help with any out-of-pocket health care expenses such as copays, coinsurance, prescription drug co-pays etc., according to

The Medigold Plan from AmeriGroup provides individuals on our state’s Medicaid program access