How to Succeed as a Concrete Contractor

Tips for Starting and Running a Successful Business

What is a concrete contractor? A concrete contractor mixes and pours cement, sand, gravel, or other aggregate to form concrete. The Amarillo concrete contractors are the best at what they do and you should check them out. Most often this work is done on the construction site of buildings and roads. They may also perform some finishing work like installing metal bars in a sidewalk for safety or installing reinforcing steel rods inside slabs before they are poured.

Concrete contractors make up about one-third of all construction workers in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that these professionals earned an average wage of $37,000 per year as of 2015. You can be successful if you have these qualities.

Amarillo Concrete Contractors

* Skilled in math and science

* Good with your hands and manual labor, or a good learner

* Enjoys working outdoors

* Honesty and reliability when dealing with customers/clients. If you’re willing to work hard, take the initiative on projects, be honest with clients about cost estimates for their jobs–and most importantly–stay up-to-date on new technologies in this field (since these are always evolving), there’s no reason why you can’t succeed as a concrete contractor!

How to start?

Before you can start your own concrete contracting business, you’ll need to get licensed and insured. In order for a company to be considered “fully reporting” in the U.S., they have to register with state departments of insurance or take out an equivalent policy that will cover them at least $500,000 per incident (with a minimum coverage limit of $250,000). If this company has employees who are not fully reporting contractors then there’s also Workers Compensation Insurance required by law – most likely it would cost about 0-0/year on average for each employee depending on how many workers the company employs. There are several steps involved in getting started:

* Obtain appropriate licenses from city hall

* Get liability insurance