Multiple Payment Processing Options With Bluesnap

How Bluesnap Aims To Be The World’s Most Secure, Low-Cost Payment Processing Tool

Bluesnap is a payment processing company that offers many different options for accepting payments. They offer Bluesnap Express, which is an option for merchants who do not need the capability to process recurring payments or store card information, as well as Bluesnap Direct, which is an option for businesses looking to accept credit cards and store card information in their account. There are also two other options: Bluesnap e-commerce plug-in and Bluesnap POS software. These two products allow you to integrate your website into existing systems such as Magento and Shopify so no other payment processing service will be required!


Why choose Bluesnap? Well, compared to its competitors, it is an all-inclusive package that includes everything from a secure card reader to the ability to store customers’ data. It’s perfect for ecommerce stores and brick-and-mortar businesses alike!

Bluesnap also has competitive rates–their monthly fee starts at $29/month without any processing fees incurred on every transaction. Bluesnap Direct also comes with no transaction fees (excluding credit), which makes this type of processing ideal for companies who will be transacting small sums each month.

Bluesnap may not have been around as long as its competitors but they are quickly gaining steam in the market due to their innovative ideas and easy setup process.

Bluesnap lets you sign up for processing in just five minutes and is perfect for when your existing merchant account provider won’t process transactions due to the high dollar amount.

Bluesnap also offers a mobile app that allows merchants to do all of their transaction management on-the-go, which means they can get back to running their business instead of sitting at a computer all day!

And there are many more features, just visit their website.