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Top Moving Companies For Your Business

Selecting the Right Office Moving Company

Is it time to move your company office? If you have been considering a change in location, now might be the right time. But before you hire any moving company, there are a few things to consider. There are many different factors that can affect how much relocation costs for an office space. The distance of the new location from your old one is only one factor in determining these prices; other considerations include the size of your current office and whether or not you want to maintain some employees at both locations during construction. To help ensure that you choose the best moving company for your needs, we compiled this list of questions and guidelines that will help guide you through the process! Make sure to check out SETT Movers and get their help.

SETT Movers

Questions to ask when hiring a moving company:

-Do they have experience in relocating office spaces?

-What is the cost of their services and how are these determined? Is there an estimate or quote given for your project, with any details about additional fees that may be incurred during the course of this relocation process?

-How long will it take them to complete my move and what is the plan for managing costs throughout this time period (ie. do I incur more charges as boxes get heavier)?

-What kind of facilities does their crew work out of? Does each location carry its own inventory so nothing has to be moved back twice if need be? What happens if equipment damages something while being transported between locations?

Another thing you should ask is how much equipment they use in a single move.

-Do you offer any additional services? What about packing, storage, and unpacking of boxes or furniture for example.

Additional questions to ask: o Do you have liability insurance if anything gets broken while being moved around? -What would happen if I need help moving my office fixtures up the stairs but don’t want to pay extra for this service because it’s not part of your contract?

How many employees will be assigned to my project on average at any given time? Can I expect them all there every day until everything has been relocated from one space to another or does their workload fluctuate depending on what other projects are going on simultaneously as well?