How to Fix Broken Automatic Garage Doors

Broken Garage Doors: A Way to Increase Security and Save Money

Automatic garage doors are one of the many features that people love about their new homes. They provide convenience and security for homeowners, and they also help reduce energy costs by keeping your home insulated in winter and cool in summer. Unfortunately, automatic garage doors can break down after a few years of use, leaving you with an expensive repair bill or worse- no access to your car! Visit this site to learn more about your options.

Keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear such as excessive noise, uneven operation, or the doors not closing properly. A good rule is that if something feels wrong with the motion of the door when it opens or closes, then there’s likely a problem somewhere in either the electric system or roller tracks-don’t continue using it! You won’t be able to find where the issue lies without getting up close and personal so make sure you turn off power before investigating further.


Check all cables along both sides and at each end for frays, exposed wire strands, corrosion from constant contact with metal parts (such as brackets), missing wires, and exposed or bare wire ends. Any of these can be a potential fire hazard if they’re not quickly repaired before the cable fails

Locate the screws on both sides that hold your door’s panel in place to check for loose ones-if you find any, tighten them with an appropriate screwdriver (such as a Phillips) right away

If all else fails and you’re getting no closer to finding out what is wrong with it or how to fix it yourself, call up one of our qualified technicians at Calgary Garage Door Fix today! They’ll be happy to help get things sorted out so that life can go back to normal.